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Danvers Cable Access TV

DCAT Classes

New Member Orientation

This orientation is free and required for all new members. It is designed to introduce the new member to DCAT's goals, policies and procedures. The member will also get a tour of the studio and discuss their future production ambitions. (No pre-requisite—Approximately 1 hour, by appointment)

Producer's Workshop

This course is designed for new producers as well as seasoned producers. For new producers, the course will help the student discover what topic for their show will be interesting as well as manageable. We will also go over the responsibilities of a producer, an appropriate timeline for a show, how to find and retain a reliable crew and the rules producers need to adhere to while creating a show with DCAT. (Pre-requisite—Membership Orientation, Approximately 1 hour, by appointment)


Multi Camera Studio Production Class

This class is the first step for a DCAT member to produce their own studio show. It will introduce the member to all the different equipment in the studio such as camera, switcher, teleprompter, audio board and graphics. They will also learn basic video techniques to help give them the tools to create a professional, polished looking show. (Pre-requisite—Member Orientation, Approximately 2 hours, held quarterly)


Single Camera Field Production Class (Documentary Style)

Field production is shooting a show in a place other than the studio. DCAT has fully loaded field production kits complete with: camera, microphones, portable hard drives and tripods. Pair this class up with the non-linear editing class and create a dynamic on-location show. (Pre-requisite—Member Orientation, Approximately 1 hour, by appointment)


Video Editing Class

With this class, you will learn the fundamentals of editing digital video on Adobe Premier Pro. You will learn about cutting, transitions, graphics and audio. Come to this class with footage from your Field Production Class! (Pre-requisite—Field Production Class, Approximately 1.5 hours depending on production, Multiple sessions, by appointment)

Green Screen Class

The Green Screen Class will introduce members to how special effects and green screen techniques are used not only in DCAT but on larger television studio sets, like The Weather Channel. This class is fun for adults and children. (Pre-requisite—Studio Production Class, Approximately 1 hour)


Claymation Class

This fun class uses clay and stop-motion to create Claymation cartoons. Learn how to form characters and properly light and shoot the clay to create a fun and interesting cartoon. A one-time fee covers the cost of materials for the class, and is great for all ages. (Pre-requisite—Membership Orientation, Approximately 6 hours in multiple sessions, by appointment, material fee)



Go-Pro cameras are small, mountable cameras used to capture action based activities like skiing, or biking. This course introduces the student to basic Go-Pro uses and techniques that will be important during their future productions. They will learn the functions of the Go-Pro which include: video, photography, and time lapse photography. (Pre-requisite—Membership Orientation, Approximately 30mins, by appointment.)



This course is designed to teach DCAT members the tools to successfully compose, light and shoot portrait, landscape and black and white photographs. (Pre-requisite – Membership Orientation. Approximately 2 hours in multiples sessions, by appointment)



Proper studio lighting is important for the success of any television show as well as photo. This course is designed to teach DCAT members the proper lighting techniques for both video and photography. (Pre-requisite – Membership Orientation, Photography and Studio Production. Approximately 1.5 hours, by appointment)


Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling uses photographs paired with music and the spoken word to create art in motion. This is a great class to follow up the photography course. Participants will use their own photographs to propel their story. They will also write their own, original story to accompany their photos. (Pre-requisite – Membership Orientation, Photography. Approximately 2 hours in multiple sessions)

Kids Scripting

This is a five class course where students will write their own sketch comedy through prompts the DCAT staff will give them. The nature of the show will be silly and comedic. The students will write a script and professional actors will act their scripts out. To enhance the silliness, the students will provide their voices over the actor’s voices. This class is for ages 10 to 13 years old. (Pre-requisite – Membership Orientation, Single Camera Field Production Class. Approximately 5 hours over multiple sessions)

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