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Danvers Cable Access TV

DCAT Conference Room

The William Cerretani Conference room is a comfortable meeting space for up to ten people. For amenities it has, Wi-Fi, copy machine and scanner, white board, big screen television with DVD player and HDMI hook up, as well as a mini fridge with complimentary waters.


The William Cerretani Conference Room is available for use by all DCAT members in good standing for the following purposes including: production meetings, non-profit organization meetings, social meetings such as book clubs and writing clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, or school-related projects. Any other meeting types needs to be approved by Management.


The conference room must be scheduled by the hour with a DCAT staff member. It may not be scheduled more than 3 hours at a time, unless special permission is granted by Management.


The person that books the conference room needs to be a DCAT member in good standing, and is responsible for the actions of the meeting attendees during the time.


All meeting attendees must sign in at the front desk with their name, contact information, and reason for usage.

Meetings can be booked between DCAT office hours, not to end past 8pm in the evening. At 7:50pm the meeting attendees will be given a ten minute warning. They will need to exit the building by 8pm.


Food and drinks can be brought in, but patrons must clean up after themselves. Alcohol is not permitted.


If equipment usage such as the television, DVD player, laptop, iPad, Skype, is needed, the DCAT member in good standing must make the request no later than 48 hours in advance in order to give the Coordinator enough time to prepare for it. The coordinator on duty will not be able to make last minute accommodations regarding technology or facilities as their primary responsibility is to maintain the studio production.


No social gatherings such as birthday parties or reunions are allowed.


Meeting attendees are limited to the conference room and may not loiter in other areas of DCAT.


VIOLATIONS FOR CONFERENCE ROOM USAGE will result in the DCAT member suspension of conference room use privileges.

  • If any meeting attendees refuse to leave at the 8pm time mark.

  • If any meeting attendees do not sign in at the front desk.

  • If any meeting attendees loiter outside of the conference room.

  • If any meeting attendees steal or disrespect the facilities at DCAT.

  • If any meeting attendees use the DCAT phone for incoming or outgoing calls.

  • If any meeting attendees fail to clean up the conference room.

  • If any meeting is held that does not fall within the approved meeting types.


To book the conference room call 978-777-2720.

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