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Danvers Cable Access TV

DCAT Underwriter Benefits

Sponsoring programming or "Underwriting" on Danvers Community Access Television (DCAT) is an effective means to achieving the marketing goals of your business or organization, while also supporting the community. Underwriters are held in high regard because they support a valued institution and its programs. So while you benefit from on-air recognition and awareness while reaching 10,000 cable homes in the Danvers community, you are seen as more than just a sponsor. Underwriting align you with programs that viewers care about and allow you to strike a responsive chord. Many companies underwrite community access television programming to reach and build relationships with customers, employees, community leaders, public officials, and other important constituents.


Danvers Community Access Television has several options available to heighten the impact of your underwriting. Listed below are DCAT’s underwriting levels. DCAT also considers barter for certain items. To explore your underwriting options, please contact Gayla at

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